The advanced level of Digital Products is based on the introduction of the Digital Twin technology consisting of an interactive 3D model of the object covered by the digital product, usable with mobile devices and / or smartglasses.

A Digital Twin allows the User to:

  1. Understanding how an object (e.g. machinery, production line, production plant) works thanks to the possibility to access in a natural way through simple gestures to multimedia files such as animations, drawings and technical schemes, videos and technical information, aiming to support the operator to a full technical knowledge.
  2. Interacting with a considerable amount of data taken from the physical twin through IoT, AI, Big Data, and from management software (ERP).
  3. Predicting the behavior of the real product thanks to predictive maintenance algorithms, software and tools

Thanks to the new devices improved capabilities in translating human gestures in to interaction with the digital world, the Digital Twin is today the most innovative human-to-machine interaction layer.

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