AGE-Augmented Geobrowser Experience

The Fact

Nowadays fast data access technologies offer services able to satisfy the needs of massive data exploitation tools (e.g. deep learning, AI).

For this reason, it is now time to boost the User Experience beyond traditional computer-based or web application tools towards more immersive, interactive, and collaborative technologies.

The Problem

Big amount of data are nowadays available but they must be managed for and shared with a diversified audience of skilled and super-skilled operators who need powerful tools and instruments which are absolutely beyond the traditional computer-based application tools.

The Solution

AGE "Augmented Geobrowser Experience" project aims at demonstrating an application for Microsoft Hololens smartglasses using Mixed Reality to manage Earth Observation (EO) data, where real-time EO data access and exploitation is implemented within a 3D Mixed Reality environment.

In the wearable-tech scenario, we are pleased to have chosen Microsoft HoloLens smartglasses as benchmark because of their very effective easy-to-use immersive holographic experience, without being tethered to any other device; it features a powerful 3D sensor for accurate 3D content placement in a real environment. 

In our view, nowadays Microsoft provides the most revolutionary Mixed Reality HoloLens platform to enable rich holographic content to be viewed in the physical world around you.

And everything is «easy to learn, easy to use, easy to interact with».

AGE has wide potential applications, from Crisis Management, Rescue and Disaster Recovering, to Education and Science Collaborative Environment fast deployment and operations of emergency control rooms in crisis management scenarios: our ultimate purpose is to create a Virtual (Emergency) Control Room where a disaster/rescue management operator as well as any other trained operator, wearing smartglasses, can visualise Geographic Information System data, Earth Observation data, real-time environment operators position, acting safer and quicker.